Design & Expansion

Solaris is currently operating and open to investors for its second and final building phase
Cannabis greenhouse cultivation with indoor results at scale
Our proprietary cannabis cultivation facilities are designed to harness the power of the sun with a focus on greenhouses. But not just any old greenhouses. These are state-of-the-art high-tech hybrid greenhouses. They were developed based on best-practices from around the world to sustain optimal conditions at scale in extreme climates, such as the one in the Nevada desert. The result: indoor-quality product at a large-scale.
technology and business processes
Inside each greenhouse, a combination of sensors and automation provides modularity, repeatability, consistency, and scalability. Dedicated to providing indoor pharmaceutical grade quality, we focus on organic ingredients and methods, and do not compromise for the purpose of expediency. Our associated business processes are well-defined and designed to constantly adapt through data mining and management reporting.
World-class, corporate management and ethics
In an industry that is rapidly evolving, technology alone is not sufficient. Effective management is critical not only to the cultivation of a high-quality product, but to commercial success. Our team of executives, physicians, investors, and cannabis industry veterans has developed a business-oriented approach to cannabis cultivation, bringing corporate governance to a historically artisanal craft. In an industry that can often feel like the "Wild West", Solaris offers a different vision for large-scale cannabis cultivation by providing a rarely-before-seen level of professionalism and integrity in a board-driven environment.
We are looking for investors for our expansion phase
Our existing first phase successfully proved that we can profitably provide indoor quality for outdoor prices at scale. We are now looking for investors to take the model to its full potential, all the way to the legal limit in excess of 300,000 square feet. To that effect, there is an array of investment options with flexibility in capital structure as well as usage of tax-advantaged strategies such as 1031, 1045, Opportunity Zones, etc.
Our next phase aims to be the world's most advanced cannabis facility
Our team of experts literally travelled the world to develop a unique and propriety greenhouse design that harnesses state-of-the-art technologies while also being cost-effective, scalable, and repeatable. Our multi-dimensional approach benefits from the experience of:
  • high-tech giants like Cargill;
  • Kuwait and United Arab Emirates 3-shade design to control temperature;
  • acres of Canadian greenhouses adapted to extreme cold;
  • university research greenhouses designed to withstand the Arizona desert heat;
  • Colorado's "no-nonsense" approach to greenhouse operations;
  • Mexico's large, commercial produce greenhouses scalability;
  • and large scale greenhouses from around the world producing foods we eat.
Our existing first phase was a successful proof-of-concept. In our next phase, we intend to improve on our existing experience and put all these components together to create the world's most advanced cannabis facility.
We are now providing brands with facilities and licensing for a presence in Nevada and our next phase intends to extend to full production and branding services
Our focus on quality and purity doesn't end with our hybrid greenhouses. Our team has partnered with some of the largest and most-trusted brands in the cannabis space, providing them with an initial presence in Nevada in the form of facilities and licensing.

Our next phase is designed to be one of the largest cannabis brand campus in the Silver State. In addition to providing production facilities and licensing, Solaris intends to extend our service offering for cannabis brands to every stage of your development. From fine-tuning your product offerings, to elevating the way your brand connects with patients and consumers, we can host full production, including lab, kitchen, extraction and all the downstream product life-cycle functions such as packaging, labeling, and shipping.

Take Your Cannabis Cultivation Operation
Out of the Stone Age
and come tour our current facility and learn about the even more advanced next phase.